choosing the right tattoo shop for you

When it comes to choosing the right tattoo shop for you, take your time and find a shop with quality and creativity. Since 2011, Remington Tattoo Parlor has been home to some of San Diego’s most skilled and inventive artists. As one of the best tattoo shops in San Diego, our artists work in a range of styles including illustrative, traditional, black and white, full color, biomechanical, Japanese, neotraditional, floral, geometric, and cover-ups. When choosing the right tattoo shop, consider quality, artistry, and professionalism above all else.

Go for Quality & Creativity

At Remington Tattoo, we believe that body art is a practice of passion, freedom and individuality. Custom tattoos are our speciality. We know that choosing the right tattoo shop is about finding an artist that can bring your idea to life. Many clients come to us with a sketch or photograph for inspiration. From there, our team works their magic. Have an idea but not sure where to start? Whatever your vision, the artists at Remington Tattoo will make it a reality. Book a consultation or check out our FAQ page for more information.

Look for Cleanliness and Professionalism

A clean, safe, and well-maintained environment is key when choosing the right tattoo shop for you. At Remington Tattoo Parlor, we take cleanliness seriously. We use sterilized equipment, new needles, and new inks for every client, every time. Our fully-upgraded studio is equipped with the latest sterilization tools and supplies. Our experienced tattoo artists use the best techniques to ensure your piece is completed safely and comfortably, including:

  • Proper sterilization practices
  • New inks & new needles for every client
  • Clean, dedicated work spaces 
  • Appropriate protective and safety precautions

Want to learn more about our shop?

Want to learn more about our shop? Visit our North Park location. Full of local character and all the amenities, our tattoo studio is a beautiful and clean oasis that blends tradition, nostalgia, and the art of the modern apothecary. When clients enter our tattoo shop, they are transported to a place of inspiration and artistry.

Ask About the Design Process

Choosing the right tattoo shop for you is also about choosing a studio with a great design process. Once you book a consultation with your artist, you’ll come to the studio with reference images or sketches of your design. During the consultation, you and the artist will discuss style, scale, colors, and level of detail. The artist will then draft a sketch of your custom piece. Once you are both happy with the design, it will be printed on a piece on transferable paper. Then the drawing is applied to your skin to check for position and scale. From there, it’s time to get inked! Depending upon the size and complexity of your piece, you may schedule multiple sessions at the tattoo shop. At Remington Tattoo, each artist plans out your custom tattoo in detail, making sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process. Read more about each artist here, or visit our gallery for inspiration. 

Remington Tattoo Tattoo Shop

Whether you’re planning your first tattoo or your fiftieth, choosing the right tattoo parlor for you is important. At Remington Tattoo, we are honored to be a part of your story and celebrate every new tattoo that leaves our shop. Check out our recent projects, see pictures of our shop, or get information on directions and our opening hours. Need ideas for your next tattoo? Schedule a consultation today.