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Our San Diego tattoo parlor is home to some of the most creative and passionate artists in the area. We believe that body art is a practice of passion, freedom and individuality. Every design that comes out of our San Diego tattoo parlor is a custom project. Our artists offer a range of styles including Illustrative Tattooing, Traditional Styles, Black & Grey, Full Color, Biomechanical, Japanese, Neo Traditional, Floral Patterns, Geometric, Custom Tattoos, and Cover-ups. Book a consultation today to discuss your ideas or learn more about the tattooing process.

San Diego Tattoo Parlor Artists

Each artist at our San Diego tattoo parlor offers a distinct perspective and style. Take a look at our Artist Portfolios for a range of ideas and inspirations. With a diversity of backgrounds and skills, the artists at our San Diego tattoo parlor can fulfill almost any vision our clients bring. Need ideas for your next tattoo? Schedule a consultation to gather inspiration. Before your appointment, collect any reference images or ideas to share with your tattoo artist. Read more about each artist below:

san diego tattoo parlor

Terry Ribera

Terry specializes in illustrative tattooing, Art Nouveau, Biomechanical, Japanese and Asian tattooing.


Kristjan Olson

Kristjan creates traditional Japanese pieces, as well as custom works of art. He works in full color as well as black and white.


Sarah Genereux

Sarah is a versatile artist and enjoys a variety of creative projects. Her prior work at a tattoo supply company gives her in-depth knowledge of needles, equipment, and techniques.

Jasmine Worth

Jasmine’s background in classical painting gives her a unique approach within our San Diego tattoo parlor. She has studied under the mentorship of Terry Ribera.

Chris CockrillI

Chris’s style has been influenced by his travels across Asia, Australia, and Europe. He focuses on custom tattooing with clean readable designs that are tattoo-friendly and will age well.

Gustavo Razo

Originally from Mexico City, Gustavo enjoys tattooing Japanese, neo-traditional, black work, color and floral pieces. He is passionate about creating unique work for each of his clients.

Kris Kezar

Kris is a San Diego-based artist that’s inspired by Art Nouveau, realism, kitsch, baroque, and art deco. He joined Remington Tattoo Parlor in 2019. His goal as an artist is to provoke a sense of wonder, importance, and meaning.

John Sabin

John enjoys creating custom pieces for his clients. He specializes in large tattoos with a Japanese and traditional American influence.

Our San Diego Tattoo Parlor

We named our San Diego tattoo parlor after the Remington 1900’s typewriter. Our shop invokes a sense of heritage, nostalgia, and tradition. Our North Park location is home to some of the best tattoo artists in San Diego. Our San Diego tattoo parlor focuses on safety; We use sterilized equipment, new needles, and new inks for every client, every time. Our studio is recently upgraded with the latest technology, supplies, and sterilization techniques. Get in touch to book an appointment or read our FAQ page for more information about the process.

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