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Each of our artists has a unique background and offers their distinctive tattooing style. Check out each artist’s portfolio and latest work below to select the right artist for you. In addition to viewing the portfolios below, be sure to check out our latest work where you can see some of the tattoos that don’t make it to our portfolios.

You can get a hold of each artist by using the contact form on their page or contact the shop today. Thank you! 

Remington Tattoo Parlor

San Diego Tattoo Shop

Remington Tattoo Parlor is one of the Best Tattoo Shops in San Diego, CA. We are located in North Park at 3009 Myrtle Ave 92104. Remington Tattoo is home to some of the most talented, experienced, and passionate local tattoo artists.

We specialize in Illustrative Tattooing, TraditionalBlack & GreyFull ColorBio-mechanicalJapanese, Neo Traditional, FloralGeometric, Custom Tattoos and Cover-ups. 

We invite you to browse our site to learn more about our work. Check out our latest work to keep up with the all the artists in the shop.

Looking for something specific? Get in touch with Terry RiberaAlessio RicciKristjan OlsonSarah GenereuxJasmine WorthChris CockrillGustavo RazoBrandon MacarioKris Kezar and John Sabin today to start your one of a kind tattoo.

I’m very lucky to work with such a great team of artists, and I feel honored and fortunate to have worked with some of the best tattoo artists in San Diego, as well as for some of the most well known shops that have contributed to San Diego’s rich tattooing history. I enjoy colorful, illustrative tattoos, Japanese tattooing, portraits, black and grey work, animals, flowers, nature, religious subjects, folklore and Art Nouveau.

Terry Ribera, Owner of Remington Tattoo Parlor

Remington Tattoo - SD Tattoo Shop

Terry Ribera’s Remington Tattoo Parlor + Gallery is located within North Park in San Diego, California. Checkout an average day in the shop, with our artists and the artwork.

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