How To Choose from the Tattoo Shops Near Me

We know how exciting it is when you are getting ready to get a new tattoo. You definitely don’t want to have to wait. You simply want to find a reputable tattoo studio close to you to get your new tattoo.

Tattoo Shops North Park

When you are looking for a tattoo shop, it is always nice to find one that is close by and convenient. Our tattoo shop is situated right in the middle of the city. 

Tattoo Shops Near Me


The North Park neighborhood in San Diego is well-known for its trendy shops where you often see students, hipsters, and young professionals. It is also easy to access our neighborhood spot from University Heights and Hillcrest. The numerous great restaurants and boutique shops in the area help to keep both customers and our staff very happy.

Walk In Tattoo Shops San Diego

Our shop always encourages people to get a consultation set up before coming in. A consultation allows you to meet with your tattoo artist ahead of time and discuss the details of your tattoo to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. It also helps to ensure that when you come in to have the work done that our artist will be well-prepared for you.  

With all that said, our shop does accept walk-ins. As long as one of our skilled tattoo artists is available, we will be very happy to assist you. Especially for small pieces, walk-ins can sometimes work out fine. So if you are ready to get a new tattoo today, stop by our shop or give us a call. 

Choosing the Best Tattoo Shop

When selecting a tattoo shop, one of the most critical considerations is to find a shop that provides the highest quality work. We at Remington Tattoo take great pride in being one of San Diego’s very best tattoo shops. We always ensure that we spend sufficient time to make sure that each tattoo we do has clean lines and executes the vision that you are searching for absolutely perfectly.

Finding a Tattoo Artist Close to Me

Selecting a tattoo artist needs to be a very careful process depending on the type of tattoo you want. For some individuals, it is simply finding a tattoo artist that they feel comfortable with. Other people might be searching for a tattoo artist that has a specialty that matches the type of style you are searching for. It could be a black and white tattoo or an illustrative tattoo, in addition to many other types of styles. Visit our shop and meet with our tattoo artists. We promise that one of our skilled artists can bring your vision to life.

Deciding on a Tattoo Shop

There are many tattoo shops in San Diego to choose from whenever you are deciding where you want to get your new tattoo. Whenever you are looking for a tattoo shop, it is very important to find one that keeps its parlor clean, has licensed and qualified tattooists, and has the ability to execute your idea in the way you want it to be completed. We here at Remington Tattoo, guarantee that we will meet all of the expectations that you have.

View SD Tattoo Artists Galleries

When trying to make your decision on where you want to have your tattoo done, it is very important to review the past work of the artist. Fortunately, our artists update their portfolios and/ or Instagram accounts often with photos of their current work.

You can review each of our tattoo artists’ pages to see more of their work. The links below will lead you to portfolios of their works as well as a biography on the artist, so you know who will be doing your work.

Read our Clients Reviews

Whenever our clients leave our tattoo shop they always leave feeling satisfied and happy with the new tattoo from our artist. Whether it happens to be a small piece or it is something bigger such as a full sleeve, we take great pride in all of the work that we do for all of our clients. Visit our Yelp Page to read client reviews of the work we have done.

Remington Tattoo Tattoo Shop

About our Tattoo Studio
Remington Tattoo Parlor + Gallery was built in 1914 and restored in 2011. Our tattoo artists are able to design unique custom pieces and will work closely with you to create an amazing work of art. Our focus is on the perfect scale, clean lines, and making sure that your tattoo is placed precisely where you want it to be. We guarantee that you will leave our tattoo studio with a cherished piece of artwork on your very own skin. We pride ourselves on creating a memorable experience combining tradition and nostalgia.

Our studio is open Monday through Sunday. We are open from 12 pm to 8 pm every day.

Contact us to Request an Appointment

If you are ready to move forward with getting a tattoo, call us to get a consultation set up. Although we do accept walk-ins to our studio, a consultation can be very beneficial for discussing design, placement, and sizing. Contact us today.