Skull Art Nouveau Tattoo Sketch

Skull Art Nouveau Custom Tattoo Sketch by Terry Ribera

A new sketch for a Custom Tattoo that San Diego Tattoo Artist, Terry Ribera is planning for a customer. This Skull Art Nouveau Custom has clean lines and rich texture. To book an appointment with Terry Ribera at San Diego Tattoo Shop, Remington Tattoo, please Contact Us

Best Custom Tattoo’s in Portland Oregon from San Diego By Terry Ribera

photo-11Stay Tuned for the update on this awesome trip. I’ll be making a month long trip to Portland Oregon in 2014 to spend some time visiting the City and Tattoo along the Amazing Artist and Art Work Rebels. I’ll be working the great Jason Kundell and his crew on the South West side. I’ve visited Portland once before and I’d like to make it a regular part of my work cycle. I’ll be Leaving my shop Remington Tattoo in North Park San Diego for close to a Month.

The Japanese Hanya Legend

This custom color with black and grey background tattoo was done by Terry Ribera of San Diego’s best little tattoo shop Remington Tattoo. The image was done a the client’s rib panel. The image is a classic design based on the Japanese Hanya Legend. Surrounding the mask is a series of peony flowers often found in Japanese tattoo imagery. If you’d like to see more of Terry Ribera’s as well as the other artist at Remington Tattoo in san Diego please review the artist portfolios at the following links.

Arnold Santos killer Koi fish! Amazing.

One of the most classic tattoo themes is the Koi fish. It’s always a great image for a tattoo, it has been a timeless classic amongst Japanese tattoo artist and is often painted. Today we’d like to share this great painting by Arnold Santos of Remington Tattoo in San Diego. Arnold specializes in large Japanese style tattoos and for our Grand Opening party arnold displayed this painting amongst many other new paintings by the tattoo artist.

Arnold can be found tattooing appointments Thursdays-Mondays at San Diego’s best little tattoo shop Remington Tattoo.

To see more work done by the artist at Remington please visit our sites.

Terry Ribera works on stunning dragon tattoo back piece

If you like Dragons and really big tattoos, here’s some progress on a tattoo done by Terry Ribera at Remington Tattoo in san Diego. The best part of this tattoo is that Terry Ribera got a chance to put this tattoo on his long time friend Dan Pryor a fellow Tattoo Artist at Seven Seas in San Diego. This tattoo has taken over 25 hours to make and will probably take somewhere near to another 4 hours to complete and a follow up session to touch up some details. There where a few cover up areas in the tattoo as well.

If you’d like to see more work from Terry Ribera and Remington Tattoo please follow the link below.

Introducing Arnold Santos!

Welcome Arnold Santos to Remington Tattoo!
Arnold joined us a few weeks ago – we’re thrilled to have him on board. He’s talented, hard working, passionate about tattooing and an all-around fun guy to be around! We love this guy. Arnold is excited to be working in the North Park area, so stop by to make an appointment or give him a call. Arnold is a an excellent artist and can create any style or genre of tattooing that you’re looking for, from full sleeves, to large back pieces, or the small tattoo you’ve always wanted, Arnold is your artist. Get ready to start seeing more of Arnold’s work, he’s rising San Diego talent so better book him now.