Skull Art Nouveau Tattoo Sketch

Skull Art Nouveau Custom Tattoo Sketch by Terry Ribera

A new sketch for a Custom Tattoo that San Diego Tattoo Artist, Terry Ribera is planning for a customer. This Skull Art Nouveau Custom has clean lines and rich texture. To book an appointment with Terry Ribera at San Diego Tattoo Shop, Remington Tattoo, please Contact Us

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Terry Ribera works on stunning dragon tattoo back piece

If you like Dragons and really big tattoos, here’s some progress on a tattoo done by Terry Ribera at Remington Tattoo in san Diego. The best part of this tattoo is that Terry Ribera got a chance to put this tattoo on his long time friend Dan Pryor a fellow Tattoo Artist at Seven Seas in San Diego. This tattoo has taken over 25 hours to make and will probably take somewhere near to another 4 hours to complete and a follow up session to touch up some details. There where a few cover up areas in the tattoo as well.

If you’d like to see more work from Terry Ribera and Remington Tattoo please follow the link below.